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Do you have rugs that you absolutely love but can not use because you have a fear of spilling things over them and ruining them? Or you think cleaning them is a hectic and time consuming task? Well, no more. Now you have envirosteam to make your work easier for you. We are based in Santa Monica providing at home services.

Why choose you when I can clean at home?

While rug cleaning might look easy and a kid’s job, it is not. It involves a lot of manpower and expertise. The process involves having the right tools and supplies to remove debris, making the correct color mixture, running a color test, and then eventually cleaning the rug. If not done correctly, it will not only ruin the color of your rug but will also affect the quality.

We at Envirosteam provide you oriental rug cleaning(hand cleaning rather than machine cleaning) that is effective in both; short term and long term

A high-quality rug is a treasure deserving of top-notch care and cleaning. It represents a sizable financial investment, and it is an important decorative element without which most floors would look plain and uninteresting.

Considering its importance in the home, a good area rug is certainly worth a professional cleaning from time to time. Discerning rug cleaning owners in the Santa Monica area have found that having their expensive rugs on a regular rug cleaning schedule pays off by increasing the rugs’ beauty and lifespan. We provide the best and affordable rug cleaning services in Santa Monica. Our effective rug cleaning & drying process leaves the colors in your rug lively

Rug Cleaning Service
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This is especially true of Oriental rugs with rich, intricate patterns. Many of these are still handmade according to ancient traditions and should be cared for like the masterpieces they are. Even the machine-sewn versions add a lot to the look of a room and require professional care to keep their bright colors.

Oriental rug cleaning saves money in the long run because a rug that is cleaned and maintained regularly will not have to be replaced as soon as one that has been neglected.

Wool is a fiber with superior insulation properties and natural oil that helps protect it from moisture damage. It has a rich, glossy appearance that no synthetic fiber can match, and it feels great under bare feet.

To preserve these properties, a periodic wool rug cleaning is required. Like most natural fibers, wool can be sensitive to harsh cleaning products and should be cleaned with care. We use our rug cleaning machines to deep clean. This machine pumps hot water into your area rug to release any dirt deep within the fibers, extract the water, and remove the dirt. Our Professionals provides guaranteed results of rug cleaning, and our effective rug cleaning & drying process leaves the colors in your rug lively